Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

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These wonderful lamps cleanse the air that we breathe, in a nutshell, when the salt is heated from a bulb or flame, it releases negative ions into the air.


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Let the Himalayan Salt lamp cleanse the air you breathe and purify your surroundings!

This wonderful Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp will be able to clear the air when the salt lamp is heated and fully operational. It releases negative ions from the salt in the air and is ideal for those who suffer from breathing issues, sleeping issues, asthma & stress. This light will also reduce the number of positive ions created by the likes of computers and electrical appliances. Shop our full range of salt lamps for different sizes and shapes.

Key Features:

·         Light

·         Made from authentic salt rock

·         Colours may vary

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