Greenleaf Tuscan Vineyard Scented Sachet

Greenleaf Tuscan Vineyard Scented Sachet

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Looking for a sachet that captures the essence of Tuscan vineyards? Look no further than the Greenleaf Tuscan Vineyard Scented Sachet!


Product details

Greenleaf Tuscan Vineyard Scented Sachet

This sachet is infused with the fresh, grapey scent of vines in full bloom, with just a hint of vine drip for an extra touch of realism.

Key Information:

  • Scent: Grapes, and vine drip.

  • Our sachets use specially blended oils that are encapsulated for maximum strength and product life.

  • Add a touch of fragrance anywhere by slipping sachets into closets, drawers, gifts, cars, and more.

  • Size - 7.0 cu. in. / 115 ml

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Gifts, kitchenware, cushions, curtains, lighting, wallpaper
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