Denby Linen DessertSalad Plate


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Made in Denby, England.Durable and Versatile. Designed to be used.Unique Denby glaze. Cleans easily. Denby Linen Dessert/Salad Plate.


Product details

Denby Linen Dessert/Salad Plate

A full stoneware tableware range made in Derbyshire, England. Linen is a classic Denby range with a simple 2 colourway offering of a soft natural beige and white which are easy to live with. The range includes plates, bowls, drinking, cooking and serving items. Although it has recently seen the introduction of new items such as gourmet and noodle bowls to reflect changing eating habits. Denby have designed glass and accessories to complement this range perfectly. Everybody knows great food looks and tastes better if it's well presented. Love food love Denby.

Key Features:

  • Made in Denby, England.

  • Durable and Versatile.

  • Designed to be used.

  • Unique Denby glaze.

  • Cleans easily.

Care Advice:

  • Suitable for use in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer.

  • Chip resistant.

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